IPBES Fellows Webinar- The Future of Ecology and Civilization at the Science-Policy Interface

Photo: Sunrise at Penneshaw Jetty, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia

The webinar ‘The Future of Ecology and Civilisation and the Science-Policy Interface’ will be hosted by the Fellows of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The webinar presents the research and experience of fellows of each of the IPBES Assessments . The session combines the presentation of research papers with a panel discussion of the IPBES fellows experience and the contribution that Early-Career Scholars can make at the Science-Policy interface.

This webinar is held as part of a webinar series organised by the Early Career Network of Networks of Future Earth. A range of webinars from the Networks’ member groups will be held the week of the 14th of August.

DATE AND TIME: Friday 18th August, 8:30pm (Adelaide time)/ 1pm Berlin / 8am Rio de Janeiro / 7am Washington

DURATION: 90 minutes: 45 minute online conference (5 x 5 min speed presentations + 20 minutes discussion) and 45 minute panel discussion (3 x 3 minute opening remarks from panelists + 35 minutes discussion)

More info and RSVP


Chair: Michelle Lim, School of Law, University of Adelaide

Fellow, IPBES Global Assessment; Chair – Early Career Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law

Cultural Identity: A Central Asset for Community Resilience to Disasters

Juliana Farinaci

Centro de Ciência do Sistema Terrestre, IPBES Americas Assessment

IPBES Assessments – Transforming Science-Policy into Action

Sonali Ghosh

Wildlife Institute of India, India, IPBES Asia-Pacific Assessment

Valuing Ecosystem Services in Central Asia

Rahat Sabyrbek

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, IPBES Europe and Central Asia Assessment

Enhancing the work of IPBES in the Africa region through improved knowledge, data and capacity for uptake in ecosystem assessment and sustainable development

Nadia Sitas

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa, IPBES Africa Assessment

The IPBES Assessment and the Legal Protection of Soils

Maylis Derousseaux

France, IPBES Land Degradation Assessment; Member – Early Career Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law


PANEL DISCUSSION: The role of Early-Career Scholars at the Science-Policy Interface

3 minute opening from each of the discussants followed by panel discussion with fellows from each of the IPBES Assessments.

1) Early Career Scholars and Practitioners Essential for Sustainability

Abigail Lynch, US Geological Survey, United States of America, IPBES Global Fellows


2) Maximising Capacity Building in the Next Generation of Science-Policy Experts

Catherine Febria, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, IPBES Asia-Pacific Assessment
3) Possible contributions of IPBES Fellows to enhance credibility, relevance and legitimacy of IPBES deliverables

Yasuo Takahashi, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan, IPBES Asia-Pacific Assessment


1) IPBES Africa Assessment

2) IPBES Americas Assessment

3) IPBES Europe and Central-Asia Assessment

4) IPBES Land Degradation Assessment



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